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"Too Many Dreams" is a six song EP recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Superior Sound Recording and was produced by Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, No Doubt, Incubus). He had seen the band perform at the studio in their earliest days at Sparx City Hop 2017. (A Cleveland music which event took place at the studio.) When they returned to Superior Sound Recording to record, Jim recognized them immediately, recalling their unique rock’n’roll sound, and claimed they were “one of the most memorable acts that played that day.”

The album is heavily influenced by dreams, with both the unconscious mind and aspirations. In this album you'll hear anything from being trapped by dreams and anxieties, being wrongfully medicated, and dreams looking to the future, as one song stars a controlling dad-manager forcing his kid into living out his dreams. (disclaimer: not OUR dads.) The resulting sound is a catchy collection of ethereal, groovy, sassy and gritty tunes.