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The Fifth House means "the house of pleasure as a result of creativity" in the world of zodiac and astrology. In the music world, The Fifth House brings this meaning to life, as they deliver the music from their minds to the audience with no mistranslation or bounds in between. The group does not believe in cramming the style that naturally flows from you into any mold for the sake of an already existing genre. 

As said by music review site Bravado Press, "The band has been handing out lollipops tasting like indie bops for years.” But this time around, the band is also using their music as a platform and a voice for those affected by serious matters such as addiction and abuse for their new album, “We Still Got Space.” 

Since the band is fronted by Julia Crow on vocals and bass, a lot of the songs have noticeable lead on the bass, with crying counter melodies on guitar from her brother, Wesley Crow. His wife, Caroline Crow paints dreamy soundscapes with her skills on the keys and luscious vocal harmonies. They are accompanied by various drummers of Columbus, often times their friend of over 10 years, Niki Weber.

The Fifth House is dynamic- they’re the much needed cry in a heavy storm, followed by the comfort of the warm evening sunset in the moody Midwest.

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